DEUX SANS TROIS brings you its own vocabulary of physical theater, live music and circus arts. We want to surprise our audience with strong images and a distinctive sound. 


  • Toon Van Gramberen

    He’s carrying this team. He’s always in a good mood and he’s smarter than he looks.

  • Jef Hendrikx

    Classically trained violinist and DIY loopstation artist. Combines his strong musical ideas with the will to experiment.

  • Annemie Pierle

    Tends to see things up side down but always keeps her hands firmly on the ground.

  • Hanna Mampuys

    Never rests until the images in her head are translated to the stage.


Three acrobats, one musician.
Two men, two women.
One group, many ideas.

Deux sans Trois is a young Belgian circus collective that brings contemporary circus and physical theatre in a dynamic yet poetic performance suited for all ages.

In ‘TYPO’ the four artists find out first hand how a group impacts the individual: you can only be who the others allow you to be. They push each other’s limits, get in each other’s way, and sometimes work surprisingly well together. They try to make the best of it, despite (or thanks to?) the others.

An old typewriter, an LP of the ‘king of rock and roll,’ and violin compositions by Jef Hendrikx, are the main ingredients for the shows soundtrack, which is created live on stage. Deux sans Trois brings high level juggling and acrobatics, although the show is never just about the tricks. It’s hard not to like this witty quartet that doesn’t fear drama nor slapstick.

TYPO outdoor / for (streettheatre) festivals
Duration: 35 minutes
Info & booking:, (for Germany)
TYPO in theatre première September 2015!
Duration: 60 minutes
Info & booking: (for Belgium), (for other countries)

Creation and play: Hanna Mampuys, Toon Van Gramberen, Annemie Pierlé and Jef Hendrikx
Coaching: Bram Dobbelaere, Randi De Vlieghe

Supported by: Circuscentrum Vlaanderen, Leuvenement VZW, Latitude 50, De Vlaamse Overheid

The name of the company comes
from the French proverb ‘jamais deux sans trois’.






We believe in surprises…





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